How It Works

Q: How does this work?

A: When you become a VIP Member we will send you your access link to our exclusive design marketplace. Inside you'll be able to choose the exact product you want to sell, and provide the criteria for the design you want to get made. Typical initial design delivery happens within 7 business days.

After ordering you will receive a confirmation email. Once your design is complete our team will reach out via email. 

Emails will be sent to the email you use to purchase a custom design.

Once your design is delivered, if you have change requests you can simply just respond to the member of our team who reaches out with a preview.

Q: How much do the designs cost?

A: Our design prices are based on the complexity of your designs. We've broken up our prices into 3 separate tiers. 

  • Tier 1: Simple text based designs.
  • Tier 2: Text + custom designed illustrations.
  • Tier 3: All over printed products

Q: Can I cancel?

A: Of course! Our service is an annual subscription but you can cancel anytime you want to avoid be being billed for a second year. No questions asked! Note: You must have an active subscription to place orders for designs.

Q: What products are available to get designs for?

A: Our designers are able to design on virtually any product you want. We have a wide selection inside our VIP Members area but if there is something you want that we don't currently have listed just ask :)

Q: If I don't like the design can I get a refund?

A: All of our designs have a satisfaction guarantee. We will always do our best to make edits to your design, if we can't you will get your money back! When ordering your design, you must ensure the instructions are clear so that the designers can do their work. If they’re not clear, and for revisions you request things that weren’t originally requested a refund may be denied.

Q: I need more help, how can I ask a question?

A: You can email our support team at