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Designed By Ninjas

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How To Order Designs From Us

  • Our designers rely on your description of the design.
  • If you don't explain the design thoroughly, you may not get what you want.

Design Specifications Overview

    • What Product? Type the product you want to sell
    • What POD App? Type the app you're using so our designers can get the correct template for your design.
    • Describe The Design: The designer will use this description as a primary reference point to understand what you want. The MORE detail you provide, the better. Remember, they are making something custom for you based off your description. If it's a bad description, you won't get a good design.
    • Describe How You Want Text To Look: Tell us what font you want to use, or the style of the font, how big you want it, what colors, or what effects it should have and where and how it will be placed on your design.
      • Example: I want text to be curved, white with a black outline along the top of the shoulder of the back of the hoodie.
    • Describe The Layout Of The Design Element: Tell us how you want the elements to come together. 
    • Tell us where the text should go, along any other visual elements
      • Example: I want text to be placed right in the center of the product, in a circle with the flames above it, and the smoke above the flames.
    • Describe The Colors You Want: Tell us the color for every part of your design. If you have text, pictures, shapes or other graphical elements you need to describe the colors here.
    • Sharing Examples: We have two ways for you to provide us examples, you can upload files, or paste links
      • When uploading, if you have multiple examples please compile them into one folder, or paste them into a Microsoft word document for example so the designer can view all of your examples that you want to upload
      • When sharing a link to an example, please paste as many links to examples of what you want as possible. It helps to reference what you like about these examples in your description of the design above.

Simply complete the form above, hit the "ADD TO CART" button and either complete your purchase or continue adding more designs to your cart.

Once your order is received our ninjas will start their magic right away!

Remember, the more detailed you are then the easier it will be to get your design right in the quickest time possible.

Please view the "How It Works" page for details on how your design will be delivered, and any time frames associated with your order.

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